Do You Have Swallowing Problems?

Susan Wranik

Susan I. Wranik

Speech-Language Pathologist

"I’m Susan on Swallowing. S.O.S... I can help!"

Did you know that the inability to swallow safely can lead to aspiration pneumonia which can be fatal?

  • Do you have trouble swallowing pills? Is it taking you longer to eat? Does it feel as though food is sitting on your chest?
  • Do you know that simple change in head positioning can make it easier to swallow?
  • Can you identify 6 things that dry your mouth making it more difficult to swallow?
  • Do you know the difference between coughing and choking and what to do to help?
  • Do you know which foods are difficult to swallow and why?

Answers to these and other questions are offered on this 45-minute educational video on swallowing, including an illustrated explanation of how swallowing works, what happens when it doesn’t, and how to help yourself and others, including safety tips, foods to beware of, and medical references. Appropriate for individuals with neurodegenerative diseases such as Parkinson’s Disease and Multiple Sclerosis, stroke, dementia, and anyone experiencing difficulty swallowing.

Eating is one of life’s great pleasures. No one should suffer in the process!

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Susan On Swallowing DVD

“Susan on Swallowing”

First in the Susan on Swallowing series! A comprehensive guide for the medical community, caregivers and the general public.


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